September 19, 2013

toilet train

how to teach baby to learn pee without drypers.

question : 
Hi, I start porty train my son (2 years old) 2 months ago. He is now able to tell me when he wants to pee & po. Sometimes he cant wait till I remove his panties and pants and then he leak out. Some elderly told me not to let him wear panties. Can I let him wear panties? How to make him wait till I remove his pants then he pee?

answer : 
Your son is already doing well being able to tell you when he wants to go to the toilet. To answer your questions:
• Experts find it is best to put children straight into underwear or washable cloth training pants, both of 
which allow your son to feel immediately when he's wet. 

• Dress your son in loose-fitting clothes so that you or he can easily take off or buy underpants a size bigger. Do not overreact when he has an accident.

• Be consistent. Let him wear his underpants and have dry practice runs.

• Be patient. Give him time. He should be able to get over this.

aktiviti ini amat memerlukan tahap kesabaran yang tinggi, ini adalah kerana anak anda bakal membuang air kecil/ besar dimane2 tanpa sempat nak bagitahu anda.

p/s : atas pengalaman sendiri, anak saya slalu cakap yang die nak "yak" padahal die nak kencing je dan lebih sadis die telah mengencingkan ayahnya sendiri ketika sedang tidur =p

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