February 16, 2016

back to writing

Long hiatus
Hai its february 2016 im back to write again since awayy for 2year. im just turn 27th year, opss i cant imagine how im in 3 year more.
Im doing well nowday since im done working last year, now im just be fulltime mum and wife maybe its quite boring but for me it time to give my both baby full of love and attention. My hunny also give me support to me just being a normal fulltime mother even sometime i feel bad because other friend is working but me..a mother with degree just looking for me child only. But, now im seriously thanks god because give me time with my child to raise and pamper them.Its still cool even not wearing high heel and being dress up every morning. Im also can dress up like a teacher but im no need to punch card every 8.00am. Thanks hunny for you support and love .

Then, to be continue i want share about short vacay last year.

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