March 06, 2012

our first baby

mylittle boy

now my little boy 2month already
& he like to smile n look like nk cakap with us.
love his smile,cry,his cheek and many2 things..

i still continue my study,just few month to 
finish i must BRAVE, to face all the problem.
really ADMIT that i sgt miss mybb.
sgt kesian kat die sebab xle tdo malam,xle nak dpt susu 
secukupnya...& byk lah.
ape boleh buat just sabar je la utk bbrape bulan ni kan.

ORANG selalu tanya : KAU xmiss BB kau ke???
ishhhh, GILER xmiss BABY aku, COMFIRM la miss sangat2.

baby  : must GAIN ur weight more.
now da 5kg!

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