September 28, 2011

zero ENTRY

for the long time im not writing at the blog
hehe dulu saya ade blog tp telah di DELETE sebab bohsan la nak update hari2
tapi sekarang im writing back bcoz
 im so lonely in UM then i need something to do =)

actually i 'll become mummy in this year,
now im pregnant 6month already nak masuk 7 bulan da
hope i'll be OKEY bcoz my hubby work at MALACCA.
life as student caused me to stay here in UNIVERSITI MALAYA
and complete my study as soon as posibble.
even dalam hati saya sgt ingin EXTEND this semester.

i think all the pregnant mummy want 
to STAY with their hubby esspecially at this time.
need someone to share and care about themself.
i REALLY want to ...BUT i must 
strong to faces all day without hubby & family
nevertheless i know they concern
 about myself & really want to company me.

this semester really kosong
bcoz just 3day have a class another 2 DAY can tidur sahaja
sebab xde KELAS.
I took 18 credit this sem,
hopefully i can finish all them with sucess.

okey....> UP the this time
be right back until NEXT post.

p/s : check out may friend blog
 yang telah pon menjadi BLOGGER tegar.

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